Freud's "Analysis of a Phobia in a Five-year-Old Boy"

by Robert Prince, Ph.D., Series Editor

With this offering, "Analysis of a Phobia in a Five-Year-Old Boy," we return to basics, looking at Freud's classic case of Little Hans as a true turning point. The case itself is readily available in paperback book form as well as in the Standard Edition and we ask that, if you want to take this course for 5 Continuing Education credits, you read or as is more likely, re-read Freud's original text. Many of you however will remember the case and choose to read Johanna Tabin's commentary for the pure pleasure of it without interest in the 5 credits.

Johanna Krout Tabin, Ph.D., ABPP, received her training at the Hampstead Clinic in London where she studied with Anna Freud. She is currently on the administrative board and faculty of the Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis. Her over one hundred publications and professional presentations include a number of papers on ego development and work with children. Her book, On the Way to Self: Ego and Early Oedipal Development, offers an explanation of the gender specificity of anorexia and other pathologies in the light of the usual course of achieving ego structure in both sexes. Her visit to this historical contribution is a treat.

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