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Welcome to
Section V:  The Section for Applied Clinical Psychoanalysis
of the American Psychological Association's Division 39,
The Division of Psychoanalysis

The purpose of the Section for Applied Clinical Psychoanalysis is to promote the belief that the ethical spirit of clinical psychoanalysis can be expressed in and extended to a wide variety of applied settings.  Thus, this Section seeks to represent not only those psychologist psychoanalysts who work in a traditional two person clinical practice, no matter what theoretical orientation underlies that practice, but also those who work in settings beyond the consulting room, including but not limited to: schools, hospitals, courtrooms, and community meetings of various kinds. In supporting the application of psychoanalytic principles to applied settings, the Section is open to the reciprocal process whereby work in these wider settings may provide new and important insights into our basic understanding of psychoanalytic theory and clinical practice.

We think that being a psychoanalyst is a matter less of curriculum vitae than of worldview.  It is our mission both to defend and extend this worldview.

Through our listserv, website, invited panels, and biennial essay competitions, the Section for Applied Clinical Psychoanalysis fosters the exchange of ideas that explore the wider application of psychoanalytic thinking and practice.

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